#edcmooc – Getting started!

Today I have joined a MOOC! I’ve never done this before and I am hoping to find out, firstly what they are all about and secondly if I am able to learn and network this way. I am a manager of a set of courses, one of which is delivered entirely on-line using Adobe Connect. […]


I have been revisiting the world of reflective practice and looking at the different models available. As a pharmacy professional I am told that if there are many things (drugs) that do the same thing (mode of action) then it is because not one of them is ideal. This is certainly true in reflective practice […]

Social Media – the pro’s and con’s

This week has, for me, seen the advantages and disadvantages that social media and Web 2.0 technologies can bring. Steven Sutton, the teenager dying of cancer, was able to use social media (Facebook) to help him achieve his bucket list and raise £3.2m for teenage cancer charities. His use of social media highlighted the plight […]


I really struggle to see how as a tutor / manager I can facilitate the connectivism learning theory in my classes. I watched the Common Craft video clip (Drexler ND) and tried very hard to relate my courses to the theories and activities that the tutor in charge of the American Psychology course had used. […]

Acquisition or Participation?

I read the lessons in Moodle on the need to redefine the meaning of the words pedagogy, learning theory and models of e-learning (Bradford College 2014) with interest. It made me think about Web 2.0 technologies and what learning theory they use to get us (as humans) to use different ones! I was re-reading information on […]

Dan Brown (not of the Da Vinci Code!)

I watched Dan Brown’s video clip on education and how educators needed to change for the 21st Century. Overall, I agree with Dan’s comments! He is right, the system of teaching a class of students the “facts” and getting them assessed on those “facts” isn’t a 21st century way of working or providing education. I […]

Ideas verses reality!

I have reviewed the McLoughlin and Lee paper (McLoughlin and Lee 2007) again in light of feedback from students on the blended learning programme. We have been using Adobe Connect to deliver the pharmaceutical science BTEC Level 3 course for about 3 years now and have had success with it. McLoughlin and Lee talk about […]